EFT Tapping


During a powerful, 90-min session, we'll tap on an issue you're struggling with. Expect to walk away from our time together feeling more peace, clarity, relief, and openness. 

Investment: $200

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The Benefits

Tapping can decrease cortisol levels and lead to significant improvements in anxiety and mood.

Reduce stress

After one session, expect to feel renewed, and your energy to be restored and balanced.

restore balance

Tapping can help release trauma by diffusing traumatic memories and reactions.

release trauma

About EFT Tapping

Similar to acupuncture, Emotional freedom technique (EFT) focuses on the meridian points — or energy "hot spots" — to restore balance to your body’s energy. Restoring your energy balance can relieve stress, anxiety & other negative emotions. 

During our time together, we'll focus on a specific area or issue you're struggling with, and tap together via zoom. Afterwards, you'll receive a recording of the session to repeat the tapping as needed. 

Time: 90-minute via Zoom
Cost: $200

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“I felt so much lighter and freer after my session with Jackie. It's an amazing feeling. I wish I could tap with her every day!"

- Kirsten

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I can't wait to connect with you. Simply click the link below to book your 90-minute session, or shoot me an email at  jackie@wiseheartwithin.com if you have any questions about EFT or the process! 

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