My story began when I started to deeply trust myself again.

Like so many of the women I now work with and coach, there was a time when I struggled with trusting myself, let alone listening to my heart's desires.

It wasn't until I learned how to truly trust myself again that I was able to hear the calling that had been on my heart for so many years ... the calling to use my gifts to help women reclaim sovereignty over their lives. 

energy healer | direct channel  psychic medium | life coach 

Morning affirmations, chanting & prayer, enjoying a cup of coffee, & getting ready for the day. 

daily rituals

Writing, on calls with my amazing clients, hanging out with my daughters, & enjoying TV with my husband.


Nurturing your soul. The power of deep listening. Self-love. Saying yes to creativity. 

I believe in: 

EFT Tapping Practioner
Reiki Level 1 Practioner
Timeline Therapy Practitioner

My certifications:

Because no matter your age or story, it is never too late to create a life you love.

When you work with me, I will guide you through the exact process I followed to regain my own trust, follow my truest desires, & create the life my heart longed for.

If your soul is saying "Yes!" to any of this --
click here to learn more about the ways I can support you on your own journey. 

My superpower is helping you reconnect with your truth & begin living a life that is more extraordinary than you've ever imagined. 

Today, I am on a mission to empower women to know their light and shine like a star, transforming sadness into happiness, darkness into light, and confusion into clarity.


tv time with my hubs :)

Nightly ritual:

hawaii - especially maui

vacay spot:

anything by paulo coelho


wizard of oz


My Favorite Things